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See a graphic design you like..  Leave a message on ("About" and click on Customer Feedback or "Request A Quote") on sizes, shirt styles, and colors. Contact Us @: www.nevasaneva1@hotmail.com

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We have been creating Honolulu graphic art and designs since 1970. We specialize in Hawaiian T-shirt designs and local Honolulu company logos.

Our Hawaii t-shirt designs are custom designed for customers in: Puerto Rico, Netherlands, Germany, France, Switerland, India, Mauritius, California, Italy, New Jersey, Brasil, Miami, Kona, Alaska, Las Vegas, China, Seoul, Montreal, Toronto, Waipahu, Kaimuki, Manoa, North Shore, Lahaina, Iao, Wailuku, Kapaa, Koloa, Hilo, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oregon, Houston, Dallas, Kyoto, Tyoko, Hong Kong. 

Our online store is designed to provide you with a quick-efficient and secure environment to browse our T-shirt designs.

We have over two dozen Honolulu shirt design styles, colors, and sizes up to 6XL in most brands. We sell only custom Hawaii T-shirt brands. We also print Hawaiian-themed t-shirt designs on 100% organic cotton, and Bamboo - Mens Honolulu T-shirts, Womens Honolulu T-shirts, Kids shirts, coffee mugs, and canvas bags.

Our online shirt stores: http://www.skreened.com/imua http://www.zazzle.com/warriors_nevasaneva

"Think Ono" is our blog that promotes and reviews other businesses in Honolulu and on other Hawaiian Islands. Check It Out! We post just about anything that we find inspiring.  http://www.thinkono.blogspot.com




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